Penetration Testing

Expose weaknesses in your systems and underlying IT infrastructure before they are exploited by hackers.

Our Approach To Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing services uncover even the smallest weaknesses by leveraging proprietary tooling, powered by an experienced team of ethical hackers.

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    Mobile Apps

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    Web Services

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Fortune 100's

Utilized by Fortune 100's

Defense Package

Full Cyber Defense Package



Blockchain Focused


Fully accredited


Why Choose CertiK?

Our experienced white hat hackers have been awarded some of the largest bug bounties from Google, Facebook, Uber, Salesforce, and many other enterprise and blockchain clients.

  • Fortune 100's

    Utilized by Fortune 100's

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain Focused

  • Certificate

    Fully accredited

  • Defense Package

    Full Cyber Defense Package

Our Penetration Testing Process

Working together is a simple 5-step process.

Process Illustration
  • Investigation

    PHASE 1

  • Scanning

    PHASE 2

  • Manual Testing

    PHASE 3

    Manual Testing
  • Risk Analysis

    PHASE 4

    Risk Analysis
  • Reporting

    PHASE 5

  • What does the penetration testing report contain?

    Our penetration testing report contains a detailed assessment of your system security, with vulnerabilities classified from Critical to Informational, along with suggested remediations for each bug. We also include a final re-test to ensure all vulnerabilities have been addressed.

  • What systems do you test?

    We test everything from dynamic web pages to full digital asset exchanges. Example applications include mobile apps, dApps, and web apps.

  • How long does penetration testing take?

    The length of testing depends on how large and complex your system is. The average time for testing and report generation is 2-3 weeks.

  • How much does penetration testing cost?

    The cost of Penetration Testing is determined by the size and complexity of your systems. Our team will generate a quote within 24 hours.

Simulate an attack before it happens in reality.

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