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VP, Business Data Analyst

Primary Location: New York, NY

VP, Business Data Analyst will be responsible for developing, planning, and executing analytical projects as an individual contributor and in teams; synthesizing analytical findings for consumption by senior business executives and building benchmarks to assist in performance improvement, business model optimization and developing strategic solutions, which will aid department directors, technical analysts, and executives in the integration of business solutions; applying business data and analytical techniques to develop a wide range of complex data modeling including building scientific, empirical, functional models; cleaning data using data mining tools; statistical analysis on extensive data sets based on descriptive and inferential statistics for forecasting products’ performance based on historical data, billing and sales trend.


  • Lead a statistical data-driven approach to evaluate and prioritize integration opportunities that drive the highest impact in blockchain auditing service.
    • Create and manage computational linear regression models for time-series analysis, conduct hypothesis testing to identify key factors and analyze current market trends and market demand;
    • Oversee standardized industry data collected and transfer from industrial reports into business intelligence data in R, Python, or Matlab;
    • Partner with sales, services, support, marketing, and other members to analyze market adoption and revenue growth quantitatively;
    • Interface with the marketing team with quantitative data analysis for client pitches
  • Establish consultative services to the management including, but not limited to, competitive data analysis, sales data management, integration activities, data and system interconnectivity and design.
    • Construct presentations and present deep-dive statistical analytical findings in a clear, concise and decision-impacting manner;
    • Possess the ability to influence leadership through fact-based analysis.
  • Supervise the technical development and implementation of advanced recurring automated report in R and Python and dashboard solutions in support of business objectives.
    • Lead data governance and interface with senior leadership to implement controls and identify enhancements to improve process efficiency for the report, delivery methods and automation;
    • Provide guidance and mentor teammates and other reporting users to maximize understanding and use of reporting technologies.
  • Serve as a thought leader in data science and analytics to frame competitive market strategies
    • Explore data collected from the industrial report and third-party report to identify the current market environment and optimize our marketing strategy, proposing appropriate services upgrades;
    • Review business and operational data summarized by teammates to maintain up-to-date knowledge of strategic frameworks, industry trends, and corporate and customer drivers in order to improve, re-engineer or maintain company performance.
  • Identify market needs and opportunities through working with clients, partners, professional organizations to stay abreast of industry or business trends
    • Proactively broaden and deepen positive client relationships in a collaborative team environment and attend industry conferences;
    • Respond to ad-hoc statistical data analysis requests from clients.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics or a closely related field, Master’s degree preferred.
  • Experience with data analysis and statistical modelling in Python or R
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel and VBA
  • High-level written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.)